Press service information of State Committee on Deals of Refugees and IDPs 14.12.2016
Press service information of State Committee on Deals of Refugees and IDPs
Recently, in conection with the statements in the mass media about the issuing food cost benefit with plastic card to IDPs in return of the costs of utilities used by them, we state that, based on the "Payment procedure regarding the substitution of privileges with benefits for unsettled refugees and IDPs" approved by Cabinet of Ministers on January 22, 2002, costs of utilities used by IDPs are paid to centralized service organizations by State Committee on Deals of Refugees and IDPs.

IDPs requested on giving cost of utilities to themselves by single plastic card instead of giving to the service organizations in a centralized manner in their numerous appeals addressed to the Committee, on-site meetings and during the reception in the Committee.
Today, while changing residential addresses in the country, certain procedural rules for the payment of utility costs for actual consumption already led to the extra problems.
The issue on taking into account the requests of IDPs and giving the cost of the utilities to them by plastic card has been discussing with the relevant state agencies for a long time.
We want to note that the issue raised by the initiative of IDPs and being discussed, is the most efficient option for the benefit of their own. The main purpose here is the adaptation of IDPs to independent lifestyle, preparation of them to go and adapt in their lands after the liberation of their lands, emergence of current work habits, additional living opportunities themselves, use of the fund of state budget economically and prevention of wastefulness.
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